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12/10/17Chester, Pa.Indiana 0, Stanford 1Box Score
12/08/17Chester, Pa.Akron 0, Stanford 2Box Score
12/02/17Winston-Salem, N.C.Wake Forest 0, Stanford 2Box Score
11/26/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 2, Coastal Carolina 0Box Score
11/19/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 0, Pacific 0Box Score
11/16/17Seattle, WAWashington 2, Seattle University 3Box Score
11/16/17Berkeley, Calif.California 1, San Francisco 2Box Score
11/11/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 4, UCLA 0Box Score
11/09/17Stanford, CAStanford 1, California 0Box Score
11/09/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 4, Washington 3Box Score
11/05/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 4, San Diego State 0Box Score
11/05/17Berkeley, Calif.California 3, UCLA 2Box Score
11/02/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 5, UCLA 1Box Score
11/02/17Berkeley, Calif.California 1, San Diego State 0Box Score
10/29/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 0, Washington 1Box Score
10/29/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 2, Oregon State 4Box Score
10/26/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 0, Washington 1Box Score
10/26/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 5, Oregon State 0Box Score
10/22/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 3, California 0Box Score
10/22/17San Diego, CAUniversity of San Diego 3, UCLA 1Box Score
10/22/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 0, Stanford 3Box Score
10/21/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 3, Santa Clara 0Box Score
10/19/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 1, Stanford 2Box Score
10/19/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 2, California 1Box Score
10/18/17Albuquerque, N.M.New Mexico 1, UCLA 1Box Score
10/15/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 2, San Diego State 1Box Score
10/15/17Berkeley, Calif.California 2, Washington 1Box Score
10/15/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 1, Oregon State 0Box Score
10/12/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 1, Washington 1Box Score
10/12/17Berkeley, Calif.California 2, Oregon State 0Box Score
10/08/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 0, UCLA 1Box Score
10/08/17Berkeley, Calif.California 0, Stanford 3Box Score
10/08/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 2, San Diego State 0Box Score
10/05/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 3, San Diego State 0Box Score
10/05/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 0, UCLA 1Box Score
10/01/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 0, Stanford 1Box Score
10/01/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 2, Oregon State 1Box Score
10/01/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 0, California 1Box Score
09/28/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 0, California 2Box Score
09/28/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 0, Stanford 5Box Score
09/24/17Edinburg, TXUniversity of the Incarnate Word 0, San Diego State 1Box Score
09/24/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 2, CSUN 1Box Score
09/24/17Seattle, Wash.Seattle University 0, Washington 2Box Score
09/23/17St. Louis, Mo.Saint Louis 2, Stanford 0Box Score
09/22/17Edinburg, TXUT Rio Grande Valley 0, San Diego State 2Box Score
09/22/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 2, Pacific 0Box Score
09/22/17Berkeley, Calif.California 3, Santa Clara 2Box Score
09/21/17Seattle, WashWashington 4, Utah Valley 0Box Score
09/19/17Clemson, S.C.Clemson 3, UCLA 0Box Score
09/17/17San FranciscoSan Francisco 2, California 3Box Score
09/17/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 0, Portland 1Box Score
09/17/17Seattle, WashWashington 4, Santa Clara 3Box Score
09/17/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 3, Yale 1Box Score
09/16/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 0, Cal Poly 1Box Score
09/15/17Stanford, CAStanford 1, San Francisco 0Box Score
09/15/17Berkeley, Calif.California 1, Yale 0Box Score
09/14/17Seattle, WashWashington 4, Drexel 0Box Score
09/12/17Syracuse, N.Y.Syracuse 3, Oregon State 2Box Score
09/11/17Los Angeles, Calif.UCLA 1, UNLV 0Box Score
09/10/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 0, Utah Valley 1Box Score
09/10/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 1, Mercer 2Box Score
09/09/17Portland, Ore.Portland 1, California 2Box Score
09/09/17Stanford, CAStanford 0, Tulsa 2Box Score
09/08/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 1, San Francisco 2Box Score
09/08/17Hamilton, N.Y.Colgate 1, Oregon State 0Box Score
09/07/17Stanford, CAStanford 3, Southern Methodist 1Box Score
09/07/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 3, GONZAGA 0Box Score
09/04/17San Diego, Calif.San Diego State 3, UC Santa Barbara 1Box Score
09/04/17Washington, D.C.Georgetown 1, UCLA 0Box Score
09/03/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 1, Northeastern 0Box Score
09/03/17Berkeley, Calif.California 0, Creighton 3Box Score
09/03/17Spokane, WAOregon State 3, UC Riverside 2Box Score
09/01/17College Park, Md.Maryland 3, UCLA 2Box Score
09/01/17Akron, OhioAkron 2, Washington 0Box Score
09/01/17Stanford, Calif.Stanford 3, Creighton 0Box Score
09/01/17Berkeley, Calif.California 1, Northeastern 0Box Score
09/01/17Spokane, WAOregon State 0, American 1Box Score
08/28/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 1, UNLV 0Box Score
08/27/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 2, Loyola Marymount 0Box Score
08/27/17West Point, N.Y.San Diego State 2, Vermont 1Box Score
08/26/17San FranciscoSan Francisco 3, UCLA 5Box Score
08/25/17Corvallis, Ore.Oregon State 1, Fairfield 2Box Score
08/25/17Seattle, Wash.Washington 2, New Mexico 1Box Score
08/25/17West Point, N.Y.Army West Point 1, San Diego State 0Box Score
08/25/17San Jose, Calif.San Jose State 0, Stanford 4Box Score
08/25/17Berkeley, Calif.California 0, West Virginia University 1Box Score